Published On: May 10th, 2021

There’s nothing like hitting the open road with unknown adventures awaiting. Sure, you may have charted your course to a set destination, but getting there–and back–is half the fun! Traveling solo vs with a partner vs with your family has ups & downs. There’s definitely a freedom to flying solo. You can go where you want, when you want, no delays or holding back, no debates or ensuing arguments. At times when it’s just me, myself and I on the road I can change plans, take side trips, pull off at spontaneous whims to capture the light or stop to pee 50 times as I need or want without harassment. While I love adventuring with my husband and son, I crave my independence and time to do what I want, when I want. Over a ten year span my most coveted travel companion was my old yellow lab, Riggly. He was happy to go wherever I wanted to go, was a great listener, his presence was calming and I felt safe venturing into unfamiliar territory. I have many Riggly stories to share in future posts. For me, the downside to traveling alone, without furry friend, is maintaining a healthy schedule, taking breaks, and sometimes going so far for so long or staying up so late to paint in the coveted time I have that I inevitably crash and sleep late at times when I know I am missing out on other things. John Muir’s quote, “The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark, ” could be my mantra. There’s so much to see and never, ever enough time. Which means I get to revisit with my husband and son. Kenny is up for anything. It was just the two of us on adventure for many years before Holt came along and I have plenty of stories to share in future posts. Holt loves to hear our adventure tales, the silliest moments, the scariest things, the biggest mountains, the dumbest things we ever did. Sharing your adventure, watching the sunset or making a new discovery is so much sweeter when there’s someone else to share it with, to make the memories together or to witness the crazy shit that just happened. Holt has grown up as an adventurer. In a decade of life on earth he’s rarely away from us (for good or bad). Sometimes I don’t think he realizes how lucky he is to do what he does, so we inevitably have many “teachable moments.” Our kid gets to meet people from all different walks of life, see, hear and do things that some people wait a lifetime to do then, sadly, die before they get to. The downside to traveling with family (young children especially) is that you can count on a temper tantrum at some point, someone is going to get car sick and something will be forgotten somewhere, possibly on the roof of the car. None of these things may actually be done by the child. The upside of traveling with others are the laughs and conversations, getting outside of your own head, sharing the time and moment: the sights, sounds, smells and emotions of being out in the great wide yonder. Inevitably, these moments are what shape us into who we are and our take on life in every aspect. Parting advice: Just Go. Whether it’s just you or with others, take the time to blow the stink off, run where it’s level, do something different. Just Go!

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