We are Jessica, Kenny and Holt Miller, the artists, arborists, educators, adventurers and guides behind Earth Artisan & Outfitter.

We are Jessica, Kenny and Holt Miller; the artists, arborists, educators, adventurers and guides behind Earth Artisan & Outfitter. Our small family operated business came to fruition in 2014. We used this opportunity to combine and share our passion for the earth, the arts and our life’s work with others: as a resource and inspiration, connecting people to the planet and to each other. Kenny is an ISA Certified Arborist and plant healthcare specialist, working in the field for twenty-four years. He is also a professional fly fishing guide. In his downtime, he enjoys working in his woodshop creating beautifully crafted and functional goods.

I am a working artist and art educator with a BS in Art Education and MA in Humanities, both from Penn State University. I spent many years teaching art in the public school system and currently lead adult art enrichment workshops and nature journaling excursions. As an artist on the trail, I carefully craft my visual masterpieces to celebrate the essence of nature and life, wild and free. Along with my cameras, my favorite backpack mediums are soft pastel and watercolor, which are lightweight and capture the essence of nature quickly as I’m hiking and exploring. In my studio I love experimenting with mixed media, combining beeswax with oils and acrylics on larger pieces.

Together with our young son, Holt, we travel the country, hiking, fishing, exploring, documenting and connecting to the bigger picture: Life. It’s been an adventure raising our son in this wide, wild world, being stewards of the land. We can’t wait to see how he will continue to create positive ripples for the future, protecting life and inspiring others as he grows. The goal of our small earthy family is to live a natural, healthy, engaged life and provide inspiration and resources for others to do the same.

The world is big! Let’s learn, grow and explore together! Each item in our shop is carefully curated for the highest quality craftsmanship, form and function to mindfully connect our customers to the earth and to each other. If we didn’t make it ourselves, we can vouch for the quality because we know who did; it is likely another small earth-based maker whose products, goods and gear we use in our own adventures, home and field work. Everything in our shop is small batch or one-of-a-kind to keep things fresh and funky. Not only do we provide inspiration and resources to live a naturally connected life, a portion of all sales supports humanitarian and environmental initiatives. Stay up to date by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

– Jessica


About Earth Artisan & Outfitter

Founded in 2014, Earth Artisan & Outfitter is a fun, funky, down to earth small business that has taken root in a 160 year old carriage house in the historic district of downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania, nestled in to the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains and surrounded by a plethora of outdoor recreation. Earth specializes in naturally inspiring the outdoor lifestyle: mindfully connecting people to the planet through the earth and the arts. This is a one of a kind shop with a friendly environment operated by people who are knowledgeable & passionate about what they do, bringing you over 25 years of experience as artists, art educators, arborists and guides. EAO features one of a kind and small-batch earth-based and nature-inspired fine art, photography, goods & gear to inspire you to get out, adventure, explore and connect to the natural world at home, in the garden & on the trail and support life wild and free. Explore our site and blog. Then, stop by the shop for a visit and gather earth-inspired art, goods and gear to inspire your journey and bring a little bit of “out there” in. Our brick and mortar store is located in The Carriage House at 37 West Chapel Ave in the wilds of historic downtown Carlisle PA.

In order to continue to what we do in the field, staying connected to the earth, the arts and each other and to bring our customers the most up to date information and experience, current shop hours are typically Fridays and Saturdays 11-4 and other times by appointment, pending availability.

Our Adventures

We enjoy exploring the great wide yonder. Our adventures take us far and wide, across fields & forests, over mountains & deserts, beaches & rivers. Thank you for being part of our journey. Now, go take a hike.