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Fieldwork. Lifework. Artwork. Heart-work.

As a lifelong artist, art educator, environmentalist and adventurer, I am passionate about The Earth, The Arts and Life Wild & Free. I feel it is important to consider our relationship with nature in all that we do and I hope my art intrigues and inspires you to look at the bigger picture, considering your place in it.

I specialize in nature-based fine art and photography, created from my backpack as I hike and explore in the great wide yonder, traveling cross country to where things grow wild & wooly and locally, in the oldest mountains in the world. This leads to a semi-nomadic lifestyle: criss-crossing the country, chasing the light, creating art in the field- from the beautiful rolling hills, lush forests and fertile fields of Pennsylvania, to the Rocky Mountains and wild places of Montana, The Adirondacks to Amelia Island, Vermont to West Virginia, Sedona to Taos, and every place in between. The views are never the same. Colors, textures and topography change. The vibes are completely different. But all things are connected. The wind carries energy, trees send messages, my heart beats to the rhythms of Life happening around me that become the masterpiece.

My influences include Georgia O’Keeffe, who blazed the trail for wild women to go, see and do whatever their souls felt called to do; and John Muir, who helped preserve the land and whose quote, “Life is big and I want to get a good look at it before it gets dark,” perfectly describes the force behind my forays into the wild. I’m an avid reader, writer, gardener, and a lifelong learner: every moment presents an opportunity to dance, laugh, learn, grow and share.

As an artist on the trail, I carefully craft my visual masterpieces to celebrate the essence of nature and Life Wild and Free: light, color and energy in the moment, the spirit of howling wolves, wild horses and thundering herds of bison, the power of mountains, rivers and oceans, the Life Force that connects us all.

This inspires my creations and the variety of media I use to capture the moment and emotions. Along with my cameras, my favorite backpack mediums are soft pastel and watercolor to capture the essence of nature quickly as I’m hiking and exploring. In my studio, I love experimenting with mixed media, combining beeswax with oils, acrylics and natural objects on larger pieces.

I have a BS in Art Education and MA in Humanities from Penn State University, with focus on Native American Art, Culture and the Environment. I taught art in the public school system for nearly twenty years. I am a member of The Pennsylvania Guild Of Craftsmen and many local and global environmental organizations. I am also the owner of Earth Artisan & Outfitter in historic downtown Carlisle. For the past decade Earth has focused upon mindfully connecting people to the planet with eco art, goods, gear and guides for home, garden and trail. I also organize environmental education events such as the Earth Day Celebration in Carlisle and teach adult art education workshops and nature journaling excursions.

Please contact me if you would like to purchase artwork featured here, or view and purchase from my complete art collection in person at Earth Artisan & Outfitter.

Limited Edition Art Note Cards

These folded, blank note cards are miniature prints of original works of art created in the great wide yonder, on adventure, all over the country. Original works of art and larger limited edition poster prints may be available for purchase in the shop, please stop by or contact us for more information.

  • Created in the southwestern USA in northern New Mexico through ancient places in the high desert, surrounded by mesas, volcanoes, sage brush and sand, Taos, Carson National Forest and cozy casita gardens. Unbelievable light, color, clouds, and adventure. This set features four soft pastel prints: Hidden Places High in the Desert Of Taos. Oasis, Rock Creek Lake, Carson National Forest. Ancient Places, Mesas, Volcanoes, Sagebrush & Sand. La Casita en el Jardin.
  • Created in the southwestern USA. There is so much wild beauty in Northern New Mexico it called for more room to create! Where earth and sky come together in this ancient land, my heart feels home. This series includes the wilds of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Rio Grande and Taos Mountain. This set features four mixed-media prints: Wild West, Along the Rio Grande. Summer Light, Taos Mountain. New Horizons, Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Kiss, Mother Earth and Father Sky.
  • Created in the northwestern USA between South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana, through part of the Crow Agency, and one of the most significant areas of indigenous history, where the battle against Custer was won. The light was spectacular through fields and folds of land, a striking spirit energy all around. This set features four mixed-media prints: Creation, Storm on the Horizon. Pyramid of the Prairie. Folds of the Earth. Wild West Color Storm.
  • Created in the northeastern USA in the Green Mountains and along the West River of Vermont at the height of Summer Solstice with lush foliage on the trees, lightning bugs in the brush, moonlight sparkling on the water as the sun set over the mountains. Perfect! This set features four soft pastel prints: Moon Dance. Wild Stream-side. Reflect. Moonlight Serenade.
  • Created throughout the Appalachian Mountains and along the Chesapeake Bay. We're lucky to live in such a vibrant, lush, adventurous part of the country! Kings Gap is one of my favorite local adventure spots, just outside of our historic little college town, in Carlisle PA. This set features four soft pastel prints including: Spring Color in Appalachian Mountains. Spring Storm Over Appalachian Mountains. Color On The Mountain, Kings Gap. As Above So Below, Chesapeake Bay.
  • Created in the Appalachian Mountains in the panhandle of West Virginia capturing the full moon and fall foliage the eastern USA is famous for. This set features four soft pastel prints including the very simply titled Mountain Magic I, II, III, IV.
  • Created in the southeastern USA, in Virginia & West Virginia over several days of perfect light. This set features four mixed media prints including: Storm Over Fields. Misty Mountains, Dolly Sods, WV. Summer Fields. Through The Trees, Evening Glow On The Mountain.
  • Created mountainside in the eastern woodlands of WV near our earthy outpost and along the Chesapeake Bay at Winter Harbor near Matthews VA. This set features two soft pastel prints and two watercolor prints including: Stay Wild Moon Child. Flow. Reflect. Moon Magic.
  • Created in and around Gold Canyon and the Sonoran Desert after a long day of hiking, sitting with my feet in a cool pool of water as the moon rose and fell and the sun peeked over the mountains. I chose colors by instinct as it was too dark to see. This set features four soft pastel prints including: Blue Mesa. The Red Road. Desert Mountains I. Desert Mountains II.
  • Created in and around Sedona, AZ and the Upper Sonoran Desert in south western USA. This is an amazing area for outdoor adventure and spiritual reconnection with a rugged landscape my artist's heart has fallen in love with. This set features soft pastel prints including: The Full Wolf Moon. Evening Arrives, Sacred Space. Desert Moon. Evening View At Cathedral Rock.
  • Created in YNP and southwestern Montana in northwestern USA. This is where my heart feels home: hiking, fly fishing, watching life roam wild and free. The energy here is awesome, wild, always changing and evolving. Stop by the shop sometime to hear the stories behind each image. This set features three soft pastel prints and one watercolor print including: Life Study of American Bison, YNP. Gibbon Meadows, YNP. Slough Creek, YNP. Almost Gone: Along Cabin Creek, West Branch of Madison River, Cameron MT.


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