Opinel has been making knives in the French Alps since the 1800’s. They’re strong, beautiful, sharp, heirloom quality pieces, with sustainably harvested wood handles. Every Opinel comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We love them because they’re the best. We’ve been using them in our field work for over 30 years and can vouch for their high quality.

One of our long time favorite pieces of gear, is this little knife: the infamous Opinel No. 6. It’s great for every adventure! Lightweight, with the specially patented Virobloc safety ring/turning locking mechanism on neck of the knife to lock open or closed.

Size No. 6, Beechwood
Locking Stainless Steel Blade

We also stock the No. 7 in dyed beechwood, No. 8 in walnut, olive, and oak, as well as the beechwood Alpine Hiker and the Bison in oak. For foragers, we also have the No. 8 Mushroom Foraging Knife with curved blade and brush. Newest to the collection, we stock the No. 8 Picnic+ as well as the Nomad Kit, and the On The Go Monbento Meal Kit. Stop by the shop to see them all, and add one of each to your adventure retinue!