Made by our friends at The Mushroom Conservancy, we have Blue Oyster and Pink Oyster Kits in stock regularly. These kits are designed to help you learn to grow mushrooms at home without any specialized equipment. They are fairly easy to work with and include instructions for growing them in a bag of precooked rice or a bucket of straw if you’d like to grow a lot of them. The spores are organic and will grow organic mushrooms pending what you grow them in.

Blue Oyster Mushrooms are particularly appreciated for their density, and can be used quite successfully as a replacement for meat in many recipes. They are especially wonderful sauteed in butter.

Pink Mushrooms are a delight to the eyes with their unique shape and vibrant color, and can transform any dish with their extraordinary flavor profile. Cooking them unveils a delicious, bacon-like flavor loved by chefs and home cooks alike.

Available in-store only.