• Created in the Appalachian Mountains in the panhandle of West Virginia capturing the full moon and fall foliage the eastern USA is famous for. This set features four soft pastel prints including the very simply titled Mountain Magic I, II, III, IV.
  • Created in the southeastern USA, in Virginia & West Virginia over several days of perfect light. This set features four mixed media prints including: Storm Over Fields. Misty Mountains, Dolly Sods, WV. Summer Fields. Through The Trees, Evening Glow On The Mountain.
  • Created mountainside in the eastern woodlands of WV near our earthy outpost and along the Chesapeake Bay at Winter Harbor near Matthews VA. This set features two soft pastel prints and two watercolor prints including: Stay Wild Moon Child. Flow. Reflect. Moon Magic.
  • Created in and around Gold Canyon and the Sonoran Desert after a long day of hiking, sitting with my feet in a cool pool of water as the moon rose and fell and the sun peeked over the mountains. I chose colors by instinct as it was too dark to see. This set features four soft pastel prints including: Blue Mesa. The Red Road. Desert Mountains I. Desert Mountains II.
  • Created in and around Sedona, AZ and the Upper Sonoran Desert in south western USA. This is an amazing area for outdoor adventure and spiritual reconnection with a rugged landscape my artist's heart has fallen in love with. This set features soft pastel prints including: The Full Wolf Moon. Evening Arrives, Sacred Space. Desert Moon. Evening View At Cathedral Rock.
  • Created in YNP and southwestern Montana in northwestern USA. This is where my heart feels home: hiking, fly fishing, watching life roam wild and free. The energy here is awesome, wild, always changing and evolving. Stop by the shop sometime to hear the stories behind each image. This set features three soft pastel prints and one watercolor print including: Life Study of American Bison, YNP. Gibbon Meadows, YNP. Slough Creek, YNP. Almost Gone: Along Cabin Creek, West Branch of Madison River, Cameron MT.


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