For your convenience online shopping will be available soon. While only a small selection of our carefully curated items will be available online, for now, purchases of all items listed here and the full collection can be made directly in our brick and mortar shop in Carlisle, PA or by contacting us through email or via phone: 717.713.6170.

For many years we’ve collected a vast amount of gear for our field work and adventures near and far. We realized we don’t use half of it. You don’t need a lot of fancy things to have a grand adventure. Keep it simple and celebrate the little things in life that will help guide, inspire and support you on your journey. The bigger picture: be safe, be mindful, Leave No Trace, look, listen, smell, feel. You are an important part of the natural world. Go play outside! These are a few of our favorite things for trails and adventures. While only a small selection of the many small-batch and one of a kind earthy items we feature in our brick and mortar store, start your adventure here.

  • These are hands down The Best Maps! Waterproof, with details of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding, as well as back roads, scenic overlooks & points of interest indicated by the purple lizard. We have a variety of Purple Lizard Maps available in the store featuring favorite destinations in the Eastern US including Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.
  • Opinel has been making knives in the French Alps since the 1800's. They're strong, beautiful, sharp, heirloom quality pieces, with sustainably harvested wood handles. Every Opinel comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We love them because they're the best. We've been using them in our field work for over 30 years and can vouch for their high quality. One of our long time favorite pieces of gear, is this little knife: the infamous Opinel No. 6. It's great for every adventure! Lightweight, with the specially patented Virobloc safety ring/turning locking mechanism on neck of the knife to lock open or closed. Size No. 6, Beechwood Locking Stainless Steel Blade We also stock the No. 7 in dyed beechwood, No. 8 in walnut, olive, and oak, as well as the beechwood Alpine Hiker and the Bison in oak. For foragers, we also have the No. 8 Mushroom Foraging Knife with curved blade and brush. Newest to the collection, we stock the No. 8 Picnic+ as well as the Nomad Kit, and the On The Go Monbento Meal Kit. Stop by the shop to see them all, and add one of each to your adventure retinue!
  • Natural sharpening stone From Lombardi, Italy. The quarries of Lombardi are known to produce some of the world best natural sharpening stones. The natural Lombardi stone has been recognized since the 15th century for its outstanding sharpening qualities due to its perfect, uniform balance of quartz and carbonates. Small 4" Whetstone. Wet stone before use.
  • An eco-friendly alternative to single use plastics that every adventurer will love! Contains a waterproof pouch with keychain, 1 food-grade stainless steel foldable spork, 1 food-grade stainless steel foldable butter knife, two collapsible straws, 2 collapsible straw brushes.
  • This is a sweet little journal! Small, lightweight and pack worthy with prompts to document your adventures. Printed in the USA in vegetable-based ink on 100% recycled paper. 3 1/2" x 5"
  • Campfire fun that could save your life! Deck of informational playing cards, each suit features a different life-saving skill.
  • Campfire fun that could help you find your way & save your life! Deck of informational playing cards, each suit features a different way-finding skill.
  • An awesome resource with information about Pennsylvania's 121 state parks and 2.2 million acres of state forests with space to collect stamps at each of the state park offices or trailheads as you explore! 146 pages packed into an approximate 4" x 6" book.
  • Lightweight and packable in a waterproof plastic carry bag. Perfect for thru-hikers, section-hikers, day-hikers and enthusiasts to collect stamps and document your 2,190 mile journey on the AT, Springer Mountain GA to Mt. Katahdin, ME (or visa versa). 5 1/2" x 3 1/4"
  • Outdoor ethics to guide you on your recreational journey through the great wide yonder. Information on both sides of this thick 3" x 5" recyclable plastic card that can be hung by the door or on your pack.


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